The Family and their Ministry – ID 152  

We are an American/British family serving in full time ministry. We are an active, committed family that loves God, the country and people where we live and try to embrace Him and people in everything we do. Our kids are all learning Chinese (the older ones fluent) and we speak English at home. We are a warm family and like to make people feel at home with us. Our oldest son is William. He was born in 2009. Our middle son is Zachary. He was born 2012. Our youngest son is Jacob 2013. They are energetic boys.

We serve in different areas. We reach out to university students and help them with their English while mentoring them. We reach out to kids in orphanages and do lots of prayer and worship. We would love our Nanny to join us in any or all of these things. She could also look into studying a bit of Chinese in the mornings either with a tutor or at a small institute.

Primary duty: Help us by playing with our boys and helping them with learning to educating them.

Meal Prep? Possibly that might be nice

House Cleaning? No unless she wants to

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Maybe sometimes

Tutoring? Yes please!

Driving? No

Food Shopping? Not unless she wants to

Laundry? Maybe?

Other duties or comments: Just interacting with our kids, reading to them, helping tutor them and possibly possibly helping our younger two sons’ pronunciation/speech. I find it hard teaching my middle son to read because there are many things going on in our lives. I think he’s ready to read though:) Our oldest son is very smart and needs to keep being challenged educationally. He’s up to speed but thrives with attention:) My youngest will probably pick up reading quickly too.

Desired start date: End of August or September 2017

Hours/day: Maybe 4-5

Days/week: 5

Food charge? No

Food dollars/week? No charge!

Other expenses: If she wanted to have a student visa then she could look at studying Chinese in the morning. Otherwise she could have a tourist visa. So an expense would be the visa and possible classes if she wanted to study Chinese in the mornings. If she is on a tourist visa, then she may have to leave every 80 days. She can get a cheap round trip flight to Hong Kong and then she can come back with more time. We can discuss which visa she would like in order to understand expenses.

MN’s room, bath: It would be a private room. The bathrooms are shared but kept clean:)

Doctor? Yes

Hospital? Yes

Internet/cell service? Definitely

MN’s arrival airport: to be advised

Meet plane? We will warmly and excitedly meet her plane

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