The Family and their Ministry        ID 11           

Nick and Sar have raised their four boys and one girl in Elbasan, whilst pastoring a church there for 20 years. The four older siblings are pursuing further education in England, the USA, and Australia.  Only Jonathan, just turned 16, remains at home.  We also established a foundation for blind people and were involved in ministry with the very poor.
God surprised us by providing us with a beautiful home in spectacular hill country. Our ministry for the past eight years has been to the villagers around us. We are involved in discipleship, church planting, English classes, children’s camps, animal husbandry and generally helping support families in need.
The once-monthly Prayer Seminar and Ladies Night of Prayer attract Believers from all over the country.

Daily Hours:  5 -6 hours of supervision and teaching

Days per week: 5

Meal Prep?:  Mostly organic food. Quite influenced by previous Mission Nanny who was vegan. But we are flexible!  American/ European style food is available in supermarkets in nearby towns. Sar does the cooking but you are welcome to help if you so wish.

House Cleaning?: Done by Sar

Child care?  We occasionally travel but it’s not necessarily going to happen much during this time. Let’s see how things go.

Food Shopping?:  Available at a range of supermarkets, markets, and stalls. The fresh fruits and vegetables here are great.

Laundry?: Nanny would be responsible for her own laundry.  We have two machines and a tumble dryer and lots of fresh windy air!

Food charge?: No!

Food Cost:  We will happily cover all meals. You are welcome to buy your own special snacks.

More about the Nanny’s duties:  Your duties will center around inspiring Jonathan to enjoy his studies each school day. Basically your remit is to win his heart and to show him he can achieve his dreams!

Other Charges:  As mentioned initially, we are willing to pay your return airfare.  Transport costs around Albania are very reasonable.  For example, a round trip to Elbasan( the nearest city, an hour away)costs about $6 and a trip to the capital, Tirana, from Elbasan is about €4.  A cappuccino in town,€1:50, a cake to go with your coffee:€1:50, a medium-size pizza €5, a soft drink:€1:50.

There are weekend trips to beautiful tourist locations, including neighbouring countries. We took our Mission Nanny and her daughter to Thethi, in the Albanian Alps, on a hiking tour, for €80 each over a long weekend.

Room: We have a guest apartment on the top floor of the house. The nanny could use a small private bedroom or have the big main sitting/living room with a bed in it. It would not be so private when there were other guests (only occasionally), but it is large and beautiful with spectacular views from the balcony.  WiFi is available throughout the house.

Doctor: One hour away

Hospital:  25 minutes away for the nearest one. But there is a resident nurse in the village.

Airport: Tirana International Airport

Will the Family meet the Plane:  With open arms!

Anything Else:  These are probably the most important few months of Jonathan’s life to date!
Your impact on his life and future could be immense.  If you love teens, love teaching and inspiring youth, then this is an investment you will never regret!  The Mission Nanny will have two weeks vacation over Christmas time.  She’s warmly welcome to stay with us or to use the time for traveling (skiing available in neighboring Macedonia or nearby Bulgaria).  Spring Break will be one week.  She will be free to travel or to stay and help us with local outreach events.
Places to Visit:  Albania has beautiful scenery, from mountains to azure blue coastlines and many ancient historical sites in between.  For us, the warm, Albanian hospitality is the greatest treasure here. You will be wined and dined and treated like Royalty whenever you visit an Albanian village family.

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