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Nick and Sarah, formerly professionals in England, have served on the Albanian mission field for more than 23 years, church planting, overseeing a charitable foundation for blind people and currently ministering to mainly women and children in the surrounding rural communities. The three oldest children are pursuing further education in England and Australia. Daniel (2000), and Jonathan (2003), are home schooled in Albania.

It would be an added bonus that our helper appreciated our beautiful surroundings and the quiet,rather isolated location. Our priority is to have someone who loves teenagers and can inspire the boys with a love of learning.

Ideally we would like help for the academic year from the end of September until early/mid July. However, if someone suitable is not available for all that time, we could be flexible. Some help is better than none!

We will have at least two weeks off school at both Christmas and Easter, which would be holiday, time for traveling etc.

Daily Hours: 5 hours school supervision, 2 hours other helpful activities

Days per week: 5

Meal Prep?: Rarely

House Cleaning?: Light help sometimes

Child care?: Yes

Food Shopping?: Never

Laundry?: Yes

Food charge?: No

Food Cost: Personal treats as you want.

More about the Nanny’s duties: Our first priority is to find someone willing to supervise home schooling our 2 youngest boys,using the ACE programme. Mom has home schooled all 5 children to date. It would be an added bonus that our helper appreciates our beautiful natural surroundings and could take the boys hiking, mountain biking,etc. However, it is more important that we have someone who loves children and can inspire the boys with a love of learning.

Other Charges: Transport costs to and from the nearest town (approx $6 return) and money for coffees, etc, with friends she will inevitably make. (Albanians are very welcoming and friendly with foreigners). A coffee costs around $1.30.

Room: We have a guest apartment on the top floor of the house. The nanny could use a small private bedroom or have the big main sitting/living room with a bed in it. It would not be so private when there were other guests (only occasionally), but it is large and beautiful with spectacular views from the balcony.

Doctor: One hour away

Hospital: One hour away

Airport: Tirana International Airport

Will the Family meet the Plane:

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