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Nick and Sar, formerly professionals in England, have served on the Albanian mission field for 25 years, church planting and currently ministering to village families in very rural, typically mountainous communities, in mid Albania.

Only the youngest of our five children,Jonathan,15, will be at home for two years of completing his Home School Certificate in ACE curriculum (ICCE). He will have returned this summer(2019) from two years of school in Germany. Jonathan is a bright, warm hearted, loveable teenager who thrives with a friendly, caring supervisor in school. (Valerie Dunn can provide more information, as she supervised his schooling for over two years!)

Nick’s calling is teaching, preaching and encouraging church leaders.

Sar is very involved in discipling and church planting. Because of the increasing demand on her time we really need help!

Daily Hours: 5 hours school supervision, 2 hours other helpful activities

Days per week: 5

Meal Prep?: We enjoy a healthy, fairly organic diet. Help in the kitchen would be appreciated but is not essential.

House Cleaning?: A helping hand would be appreciated when necessary, especially when hosting visitors.

Child care? Nick and Sar occasionally travel abroad together, usually for no more than 4 or 5 days,max.

Food Shopping?: We cover this.

Laundry?: Yes

Food charge?: No

Food Cost: Personal treats as you want.

More about the Nanny’s duties: Depending on the strengths and giftings of the person who comes as a nanny, duties will be divided between:

Overseeing Jonathan’s daily school programme ( in cooperation with Nick as school director) and
Helping with domestic duties, such as cooking the main, midday meal, and help in the garden. We have quite a menagerie of dogs, cat, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, chickens and bees.
If the person who comes as a nanny feels more inclined to teaching, she could help Sar with English classes for village children, etc.

If she’s more domestic, she could spend more time in the kitchen and less in the school room.

We are flexible about the division of labour in the household and ministry, depending on the Mission Nanny’s personal strengths and preferences.

Other Charges: Transport costs to and from the nearest town (approx $6 return) and money for coffees, etc, with friends she will inevitably make. (Albanians are very welcoming and friendly with foreigners). A coffee costs around $1.30.

Room: We have a guest apartment on the top floor of the house. The nanny could use a small private bedroom or have the big main sitting/living room with a bed in it. It would not be so private when there were other guests (only occasionally), but it is large and beautiful with spectacular views from the balcony.

Doctor: One hour away

Hospital: One hour away

Airport: Tirana International Airport

Will the Family meet the Plane:

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