ALBANIA – near Greece

The Family and their Ministry               ID 33  

We have lived in Albania in a town very near the border with Greece since 1992, and have been involved in evangelism and church planting. We now have a church with many ministries to the community, including help for street children, the elderly, and the ill and handicapped in different age groups.

We have three children of our own: Ashlie (1996), Isaac (2000), and David (2008).

We are in need of a fourth grade teacher for a group of 5 missionary kids in Korce, Albania, starting September 2017. We have several children around this age, all speaking English and either American or English needing a teacher. It is advisable to come before school starts to get to know everyone, adapt, and prepare for school year. (We also have two children ready for 1st grade.) We need you for the whole academic year, but you are free to travel at vacation times, which can be flexible.

Experience is very helpful but not mandatory.

There are also other ministries of the church that you can be involved in if you wish, like teaching English, elderly, street kids, etc. We are all individually home schooling, and it is requiring a huge amount of time which we need for ministry. We want our older kids more skilled in the kitchen, so if our nanny likes to cook, and she could help them cook one meal a week (or more), that would be great! (Of course we would cover costs).

Web site: Kenedi Foundation

Primary Need: Tutor – teacher for young children.

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? No

Child Care? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Other duties?

Daily Hours: 5

Days per week: 5

Food charge? No

Other Charges: Personal expenses, entertainment, etc. Her own food if she wants to fix her own meals.

Room: We have a private room and bathroom and kitchen downstairs, which is available to use. She can cook and look after her own personal life and have some independence.

Doctor: Yes

Hospital: In Thessaloniki for emergencies

Airport: either Thessaloniki (SKG) or Tirana, Albania

Meet the Plane? Yes