From Taiwan

The Mission Nanny has been with us for 6 months, giving freely of herself. She made pancakes smothered in her homemade syrup for breakfast this morning. She got the baby to smile for our last-minute family photo and her laughter is infectious. Then for dinner she made my favorite cornbread! I had great peace leaving … Read more

Missionary Family, Switzerland

Dear Betty, I am writing to thank you for all your efforts and valuable insights in placing Dianne M_____ in our home as a “missionary nanny” to our children. She lived with us for 8 weeks, caring for our little guy, Micah, each day so that I could attend a daily intensive language class in … Read more

From another missionary family in Japan)

Dear Betty, … We were blessed to have Dianne here as our Mission Nanny. She helped in so many ways. She enabled Jackie to be able to study Japanese at home and a language school. She also enabled Jackie to participate in some of the ministry work. Having four young kids: 5, 3, 2 years … Read more

Kelsey in Uganda

Dear Betty, Thank you so much for making it possible for me to be a Mission Nanny! The 9 months I spent with the Luckey family in Uganda changed my life. I was so honored to be able to homeschool their two beautiful, fun adopted daughters who became two of my best friends. I learned … Read more

From Abi in Honduras

Mission Nannys provided me with the opportunity to make an incredible, insightful journey to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It sounds like a cliché to say that my life will never be the same, but it’s the truth! My mind and heart were opened to entirely new dimensions, and my soul fed in exciting new ways. … Read more

From Elin in Chad, Africa

For 16 months I had the privilege to serve the K. family through Mission Nannys. I was immediately welcomed into the family. My primary responsibility was to assist with home schooling. I was able to use my education degree to develop fun lessons for the children. I was also able to offer help with household … Read more

From Ashley in France.

Experiencing a family so centered on Christ and so dedicated to living out their faith amongst opposition, changed my heart. I was inspired by the children’s day to day experiences in France and how spiritually mature they are because of their lifestyle. I loved loving on this family: and they fiercely loved on me even … Read more

From Sheridan, back from Japan.

My trip to Japan was so incredible. I loved it so much. The family I lived with were so awesome I wanted to be more like them in many ways. It wasn’t always easy and I know life is just like that at times. I definantly learned new things while I was there both about … Read more

From Whitney in Spain

Serving the S. family for the past seven months brought so many adventures to my life. What a challenge it was for me in the beginning learning how to take care of five year old triplets! Over the course of seven months, these three children helped me to learn and understand the true nature of … Read more