The Family and their Ministry – ID 146

My husband is a family practice physician and I am a nurse. We have nine children ranging from high school to newborn. Ryan – December 1999, Ginny – December 2001, Joshua – May 2003, Tyler – October 2004, Micah – September 2006, Julia – August 2010, Josiah – March 2013, Claire – December 2014, Makayla – December 2016. We love to play sports and board games. We love the Lord and we love being a big family.

We are medical missionaries and church planters. A nanny could help with the medical clinic, teach English in the community or at the local school. They could help with youth or church activities and church planting ministries.

We aren’t looking for someone necessarily with a teaching degree. We are looking for someone who did well in upper level sciences and maths and someone who has a heart and patience for teaching. Our daughter struggles with the typical home school learning method of reading material on her own, processing it on her own, and taking a test over that information. We have just had a teacher for the first time this past school year and our daughter has responded so much better to one-on-one teaching.

Primary duty: High school math (Algebra 2 and Geometry) and science (Chemistry) teacher to 2 10th graders (a boy and a girl). The materials are provided.

Meal Prep? None

House Cleaning? None

Child Care/Baby Sitting? None

Tutoring? Since we homeschool all our children, there will be tutoring opportunities

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No (just her own)

Desired start date: September 2017

Hours/day: Workday hours can be pretty flexible. Plan on spending 4 hours a day working with the 2 highschool students.

Days/week: Five

Food charge? If nanny was able to pay for her room and board, that would be great. if not, then we could raise extra funds for this need.

Food dollars/week? $45

Other expenses: Visa costs $160 Personal travel and lodging will be minimal but all on the nanny to cover (if she wanted to travel by herself)

MN’s room, bath: We live in a small house (for 11 people), but we have had great experiences with interns staying at our neighbor’s home. They are an elderly couple with live-in house help and live-in ranch hand. The house help will cook the meals. They can provide a private room, however the bathroom is shared by the couple.

Doctor? Yes. my husband is a family practice doctor.

Hospital? My husband run a clinic at our home. There’s a local health outpost. The nearest hospital 1 hour away.

Internet /cell service? Yes.

MN’s arrival airport: Aeropuerto Silvio Pettirosi

Meet plane? Yes

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