The Family and their Ministry – ID 145  

My wife and I have been married for twelve years and are originally from Virginia and West Virginia. We moved to Kentucky shortly after our marriage and we soon had two daughters: Katie (2005) and Caroline (2009).

We then moved to East Asia in 2011 and had our third daughter, Anne (2012). The Lord has truly blessed us with this great opportunity share the good news in a spiritually impoverished area for almost 6 years.

We are a church planting team with Pioneers among several Muslim and Buddhist unreached people groups. We mainly focus on evangelism and discipleship of college students, many of whom belong to two of the largest Muslim and Buddhist ethnic groups in the world. Occasionally these people can speak English, which allows for foreigners to build friendships and share the gospel while not having a deep knowledge of the language.

Where we live is a fascinating place because it is the crossroads of many different ethnic groups, philosophies, and religions. There are a growing number of English speakers which would provide the nanny with an incredible opportunity to befriend and speak life-giving truth into the lives of many locals!

Nanny’s Primary Duty: Home School Education of our two oldest daughters, Katie and Caroline.

Meal Prep? Occasional

House Cleaning? No

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes

Tutoring? Yes (just teaching our kids!)

Driving? No

Food Shopping? Occasional

Laundry? No

Other duties or comments: We would be truly blessed to have a woman who would be able to take over the home school education of our two oldest daughters. My wife could assist with some topics but right now the burden is too much for her with the other things that she needs to do. In addition, occasional baby sitting/doing fun things with the girls would be great as that would provide the parents with much needed rest! We are friendly, fun loving people and would be glad to help the nanny adjust and get into a good schedule so that she has a great experience while here!

Desired start date: We currently have someone through December 2017. So we are still in need of someone from February – June of 2018. If there is anyone who is looking to do a semester or short time period for a couple of months, please consider us!

Hours/day: Monday – Friday 9:00-3:00

Days/week: Five, with occasional weekends for babysitting or other events.

Food charge? No, but she would need to provide her own money for when she goes out to eat or does other activities on her own, with other foreigners, or with locals. We would probably just give her a stipend each week or month so she could go to the grocery store (or we would accompany her!) to buy what she needs for her apartment.

Other expenses: Thankfully in East Asia the cost of living is low. She would have regular expenses for transportation if she wanted to take a taxi. Otherwise, buses are extremely cheap (about 25 cents per ride). Transportation costs would also occur if she wanted to go sightseeing or tour other areas. She would also have to go to another nearby country to renew her visa every two months. The cost runs from $200 to $400. Of course she would be responsible for personal expenses: toiletries, souveniers, sightseeing, etc.

MN’s room, bath: She would have her own apartment with two bedrooms and a bathroom. She could do the homeschooling in her apartment. It would be within walking distance of our apartment … same neighborhood.

Doctor? Yes. American nurse and doctors live in our city

Hospital? Yes, but they are local hospitals where the quality is not as high as an international standard hospital. But the American doctors are sufficient to deal with a host of issues when they arise.

I’net/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport: Will Advise

Meet plane? Yes

Anything else? We would be honored if someone would come help us educate our children and provide help for my wife! We would require that this person is a female Christian who would able to love and speak truth into the lives of our daughters! Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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