The Family and their Ministry                  3

We have three young children all born within three years of each other. Joel (2008), Joanna (2009) and Jonah (2011).

We live in the valley region of Bolivia and are in language learning to work amongst the Quechua people.

The church has existed amongst these people in this region for nearly fifty years but there is still much work to be done.

We are getting to grips with the Quechua language in order train lay leaders in the rural church to tell God’s story in a simple and memorable way.

A homeschool teacher would teach year one and year two of the Sonlight material to Joel and Joanna. She would also have an opportunity to learn Spanish and explore ministry opportunities in Sucre and beyond.

We will soon be entering a period of language exposure where we will practice the language we have learnt. The nanny would spend at least a week a month with the family in a basic but comfortable rural location. This would allow our homeschool teacher to experience a little of rural life amongst the Quechua people.

Most of all the presence of a home school teacher will allow mom to start to put into practice the Quechua she has learnt. This will be invaluable for her long term effectiveness amongst the Quechua people.

The family is with Serving in Mission.

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Starting Date: June 2016

House Cleaning? No

Child Care? From time to time

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Other duties: We primarily need help with homeschooling our young children.

Daily Hours: 4

Days per week: 5

Food charge? No

Other Charges: airfare, travels and leisure/personal

Room: The bedroom comes with a double bed, desk and other furnishings. Exclusive use of downstairs bathroom with shower.

Doctor: Yes

Hospital: Yes.

Internet and Cellphone? Yes.

Airport: Alcantari, Sucre

Meet the Plane? Yes

Other: The teacher could take Spanish classes for $8 per hour. For tourism to other cities, the overnight bus costs $10-15 or flight for $50.