The Family and their Ministry – ID 139

This family is with Pioneers International. They are church planters and involved in leadership development with the Quechua people of Bolivia.  In partnership with the Bolivian Church and its members, they evangelize new areas with the goal of seeing people saved, discipled and a new churches formed. Their home is constantly a busy place with visits and informal mentoring opportunities. They host many short term teams each year that aid in the evangelism of remote Quechua villages through distributing solar powered radios. A nanny (male or female) would be invited to participate in their home church in Sucre and travel with their family to ministry opportunities.

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Primary Need:  Four hours in the morning, home-schooling two boys, born in 2008 and 2003. They use the Alpha and Omega Home School curriculum.

Meal Prep: None, unless they wish to prepare their own food

House Cleaning: No

Child Care: On occasion, if agreed upon in advance, but not as a regular duty.

Tutoring: Yes

Driving:  No

Food Shopping: No

Laundry: No

Other duties:  

Daily Hours: Mornings, four hours

Days per week: 5 (M – F)

Food charge: Not if they ate with us, but if they wanted their own food, then they might need to pay for that.

Other Charges:  Only for a visa ($500 USD one time) personal expenses and public transportation ($300 per month). If they would like to stay with a Bolivian family and experience life and culture, another $250-300 USD for room and board.

Room: We have a guest room with private bathroom. If they would like to stay with a Bolivian family and experience life and culture, another $250-300 USD for room and board.

Internet/cell phone service:  Yes

Doctor: Yes

Hospital: Yes

Airport: Sucre, Bolivia via Santa Cruz (VVI)

Meet the Plane? Yes

Other: We would love it if the person could have experience in teaching, especially the higher grades (9-12) and Sciences. We have also had good experience with male tutors, and retired teachers.

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