Gap Year Missions Adventures! Perfect for Retirees! Unleash Your Passion to Help Missionaries! Love on Children!
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Get Involved

World-wide Openings! Experience other Cultures! Free Room and Board! Meet Genuine Needs. Fulfill a Desire to Serve.
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Missionary Families

Live with a Loving Missionary Family. See What they Do, How they Live. Make Life-Long Friends.
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About Mission Nannys
Young missionary families face the usual needs of a growing family. These are compounded by the many challenges of their mission service. There are different customs and foods, often the need to learn the local language, and to grow their ministry efforts. The pressure and need to reach a good balance can be difficult, especially when very young children are involved. MissionNannys has learned that having a Christian woman come along beside them with skills to help with the family needs can be a huge blessing. That person could be YOU! Mature Christian women, from youth to seniors, can enhance a missionary family’s effectiveness in proclaiming God’s Word.
  • Use your skills
  • Serve your Ministry
  • Fulfillment from serving
  • New Relationships
  • New Cultures
  • New Food
  • New Adventures
  • Assisting Christian missionaries
  • Help spread the word of God